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VHCompare Standalone Edition

Comparing subsequent revision changes of engineering drawings can be an exhaustive and time-consuming task.VHCompare highlights the differences in a fast and explicit manner that even non-professionals can understand at a glance!

Facilitate Accurate Drawings Submission of Government Projects

In the development of any construction project, there are generally hundreds, if not thousands, of engineering drawings, covering every aspect of the construction. These drawings especially those for Combined Services (CSD), have to be modified from time to time during the course of the development which requires plenty of care and concentration. Comparing revision changes of these professional engineering drawings can be an exhaustive and time-consuming task! Fail to modify the required parts, pile layout and combined building services drawings in particular, may result in delay of work progress and subsequently, a huge amount of loss in terms of time and cash.

Moreover, consultants and contractors nowadays are required to provide design drawings, shop drawings and/or as-constructed drawings in CAD format under the respective consultancy agreements and works contracts during the tendering and constructing processes of HKSAR Government projects.It is worth to note the consequences of submitting CAD drawings that are not accord with the CSWP (Computer-Aided-Drafting Standard for Works Projects) of relative Department, as it can result in delays, re-work and even financial losses to your business!

How to ensure that the CAD drawings from other consultants / contractors who submitted to the relative Departments are correctly amended?

How to effectively manage a huge amount of CAD drawings with numerous versions within a short period of time?

Using a NT Server or a document management system would not be good enough to tackle the above issues!

But with VHCompare , these are not problems to you anymore!

VHCompare is a powerful tool for you to quickly compare all entities drawn on two different versions of DWG/DXF files based on their properties. It can also compare entities that are drawn on different areas and coordination systems, even the external reference files of the drawing versions. Differences between drawing versions can be accurately identified and mix-up of drawing versions are eliminated.

Speed up work progress - Quickly & precisely distinguish the differences on drawings

Quality assurance - Drawing changes can ALL be recognized! Higher accuracy be maintained!

Convenience for site inspection - speedy print out of compared drawings, facilitate project teams to monitor site progress easily!

Comparison Presented Quickly and Clearly

Immediately upon uploading both drawing versions, the comparison differences are indicated in blue and red respectively, leaving the common parts in black. Even a novice can understand and interpret the results quickly and easily. The overlay function displays the differences more explicitly.

Pleasant and Customizable Comparison Environment

VHCompare not only delivers accurate comparisons, but also a user-friendly working environment for architects, structural engineers, building services coordinators and project managers of fitting out firms to easily manage their drawings of different projects.

VHCompare is compatible to any of your document management system!! Standalone version is available for simple deployment and we also provide customization to well suit your needs.


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